Email Marketing

Looking for ways to improve you email marketing campaigns? Ready to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level? Our specially created email marketing software is here to make your life easer! CLS’ Creative Soul-utions gives you all the features you need to make your email and SMS campaigns a success, as well as help you manage your customer relationships, gather integral insights, and smash your marketing goals into the stratosphere!

This email marketing software provides a uniquely flexible model to help meet the needs of a growing business.

So what exactly can it do??

Create unique and effective email or SMS campaigns
Automate your messages at the right time
Manage your customers relationships
Build your database
Advanced account setup for marketing agencies and technology partners

Given our team create and send so many email and SMS campaigns and are long time champions and fans of smart automation, we thought it was high time we develop our own email marketing software to help small businesses elevate their digital marketing strategy.

Packages and pricing are based on your needs and your current database size with room to grow. We understand that businesses’ come in different shapes and sizes, so why should you pay for features or functionality you don’t need?

Our software is designed to be accessible and user friendly and requires no technical expertise. There are also some fantastic ready to go templates in there to get you started. OR if you prefer you can have our team of skilled data analysts, marketing guru’s, writers and designers put together stunning campaigns and provide you with the metrics and data into terms you understand!

If you’re keen to find out more, want a demo or a quote visit the Creative Little Soul-utions website now. Let us help you elevate your brand and digital marketing strategy by creating campaigns your clients love to receive!!