Farm-to-table dining in the tropics: A chat with Ben & Rachel of Oaks Kitchen & Garden

Ben Wallace and Rachel Boon are the owners and operators of Oaks Kitchen & Garden. This gastronomic power couple were kind enough to join us in the latest episode of the Creative Little Soul podcast to discuss their love of South East Asian cuisine, their passion for a quality organic produce and their interest in promoting a farm-to-table philosophy

Y Waste: A social enterprise feeding hungry Australians & tackling food waste in the hospitality industry.

Food waste is a huge problem in Australia. According to Food Bank, 7.3 million tonnes of food is lost or wasted every year. While a large proportion of this food is still perfectly edible, around 5 million Australians are going hungry. Additionally, the country’s unemployment rate climbed to 7.4% in June meaning thousands more Australians face an uncertain future.