Brianna Aaron

New Year, Same You???

The new year has kicked in and we’re almost a 14/ of the way through 2022. Not seeing the results or growth you need to, then you need to read this article, because we go you boo!

Instagram 101. Here’s what you need to know!

Whether you are a novice or pro, we can always learn more about social media and the platforms we are using to communicate with our audiences.

Brianna recently attended an Instagram Masterclass, dropping the juicy bits here for you so you receive the benefits of the class in this punch and to the point article.

The importance of creative hobbies and why you need one!

Creativity has almost become a buzzword. Used by millennial hipsters in Tinder bios to support images of latte leaves and painted overalls. Perhaps this is why we shy away from questions about our own creativity, choosing to hide behind self-deprecating statements instead. Masked minimisations of “I wish I could, but no I can’t draw” or “yeah I like to hum along but I can’t sing” cause a self-critical narrative leading even those with the talent to bask in the shade of false humbleness. Take a look at why it’s important to have a creative hobby and why you need one stat!

The Unexpected Truth About Working From Home

Like the total trendsetters we are, we’ve been working from home since before the rest of the cosmos cottoned on to the benefits. Check out Brianna’s insight on what she thinks of the CLS work from home model and is it here to stay?

5 simple hacks to make you more productive

Scrolling through socials knowing only too well you’ve a mountain of work to get to? Overwhelmed by all the things that need doing, but here you are putting it off none the less? We’re productivity experts here at CLS and getting shit done is our specialty. Check out these hot tips from Brianna on how you can improve your productivity and life!

The Beauty Of Trying Something New.

Trying something new can be intimidating, but the reward often outweighs the fear in the long run. Here are some great tips to get started on your journey into the new. Take a look at this article though and see how you can get started or what you can do.