New Year, Same You???

The new year has kicked in and we’re almost a 14/ of the way through 2022. Not seeing the results or growth you need to, then you need to read this article, because we go you boo!

Since we are well and truly into 2022, if one of your new year’s resolutions was to do things differently, but you feel like nothing has changed – this is the blog for you!

It’s important to remember that goals and ambitions always take time, no matter what they relate to. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not seeing massive progress straight away – it will come as long as you are consistent. However, if you haven’t yet started taking steps towards your dream life, here are some tips to help you get going.

Started a small business, and it still isn’t taking off?

Recently started a business venture and feel like you should be more ahead than you are by now?

My first suggestion would be to try and grow your social media presence across the platforms. After all, social media is king at the moment. For instance, if you’ve already an Instagram account with a few followers, this could mean also creating a TikTok account (and vice versa) for a wider reach.

If you feel like your content isn’t getting the views and attention it should be, try changing your posting times. As well as changing the times you post, you could also modify the kind of content you’re producing. Make new kinds of content like video or story content – just anything that will freshen up your social media profile and entice more people to want to follow you.

Conducting your own market research is an excellent way to understand what consumers want to purchase. Googling current trends is always a good idea as it will allow you to make more relatable content, resulting in more positive reactions. It will also enable you to understand better whether whatever goods or services you’re providing are actually wanted in the current market.

Want your social media presence stronger?

Some of the advice I mentioned above will help you with this problem, but that’s not all. I would also like to add that you need to be consistent with content if you want your following to grow. This means posting consistently and ensuring the content is compatible with your profile and what you stand for.

Being authentic is underappreciated in this day and age but trust me, it’s what more and more people are starting to look for online. An audience can tell when someone is trying to be someone they’re not. It will also be harder for you to sustain your social media presence if you have to put on a different persona every day. It will get tiring, and you’ll be tempted to give up, so be true to yourself from day 1.  

Another good way to grow your following is to work on the idea of a ‘persona’. Personas are identities you make up and then target with your content. A persona you create may be your ideal follower, let’s say someone who loves flowers and the colour pink. When it comes time to post, you think about that persona, so you decide to post a pink flower – doing this will help target the people out there that are genuinely like that persona you have imagined. It will also keep your profile looking consistent.

Want to feel more in touch with your spirituality?

This one can be pretty intimidating to start off with. Let me tell you, everything will feel a bit silly when you start your spiritual journey but stay the course! With practice and a bit of self-education, it will all start to come more naturally.

My first suggestion is to try and make time for some sort of meditation/mindfulness. This could be as little as 5 minutes just slowly breathing or as long as 2 hours listening to a guided/ sonic meditation. Finding what is right and sustainable will take a bit of time, but that’s okay and very normal.

Starting a journal is another great way of becoming more spiritually in tune. It will allow you to think more about your feelings and experiences from the day and also allow you to reflect and become more mindful of your actions.

I like listening to podcasts as well. There is heaps and heaps of great content out there in podcast form, you might have to weed out some of the less legit ones, but once you find a podcast you love, they’re great! Hearing about other people’s experiences with spirituality and life is very interesting and makes for a good way to understand your own life a little better, at least I think so.

Not meeting your fitness goals?

First of all, this is a good time to reassess your fitness goals. Not based on what you think your goals should be, but what you actually want them to be. Sometimes we get the two a little confused.

Whenever I feel in a fitness rut, I like to change my workout routine. Doing this makes me excited about working out again and removes that monotonous feeling that we can all fall victim to. If you’ve been following the same routine and haven’t seen any results, take to the internet and do some research. Learning about your body type will also help with your fitness journey, as each body type responds differently to exercise.

I also suggest finding good and BODY POSITIVE fitness Instagram pages to follow. They can be inspiring and offer amazing workout tips too.

Feeling like your style doesn’t suit you anymore?

As humans, we change so much all the time. So, growing out of your style is not surprising. We all go through it, but the question is – how can you get in touch with your style?

If you don’t want/have the funds to do the classic movie montage shopping spree, another way to change your style up is to reinvent your current wardrobe. Cut things up, sew different things together, wear items with other items you’ve never paired before. Have a play and find out which things you already have can be reinvented and given a new life.

Supporting slow fashion or going op-shopping is a cool way to change your style as you won’t necessarily be shopping at the same places that everyone else is. It’ll give you the opportunity to stand out a little and be different.

Changing up your appearance is another great way to break out of a style slump. Style your hair in a new way, try a new makeup trend/look, start using some accessories – there are endless opportunities, don’t be scared and just start trying stuff out!

After reading all this today, I hope that you will be inspired and find the courage to live your best life in 2022. While change can be hard, breaking out of a rut is even harder. But if you really want 2022 to be the year you change it all up and start achieving your goals, then I believe in you! The world is well and truly your oyster. If you need some help with you content, strategy, socials or require some professional support or services check out our packages, get in touch and let’s chat!