2022 Is The Year Of The WHAT?!

We’ve gazed into our crystal balls and have pulled our predictions for the new year out of the hat. Here’s what we think is going down in the new year.

The worst year in history, according to science, is 536. During that time, the sun was gone almost everywhere for the majority of the year for most of the world; bringing the coldest decade for thousands of years. It destroyed the economy and, I kid you not, happened as a result of a volcano eruption in Iceland which created enough ash to block out most of the sun for 18 months. 

2021 I would wager, is likely a close second to 536. So as we approach the end of this 365-day long emotional rollercoaster finally we can wave goodbye to the year that if our grandchildren ever ask us about, will likely get the response “2021 never happened we don’t talk about it in this house!!”. 

As you know, business owners did it tougher than most over this past year. So with that in mind, we want to provide you with our business and marketing predictions for 2022. Start the new year strong with these predictions. Get ahead of the game, level up your business and smash your marketing targets as we give you all you need to make 2022 #theyearofgettingshitdone.

1) Purpose And Impact To Take Centre Stage

Historically, moments of crisis have sky-rocketed shifts in perspective and the pandemic is no exception. There is no doubt that the events of 2021 encouraged a huge consumer shift towards purpose, impact and change. The landscape of marketing is changing forever and though brand awareness is not a new concept, in 2022, it will likely be the central influencing factor on the purchasing behaviours of your target customers.

“64% of US adults say a company’s “primary purpose” should be making the world a better place’”

New Paradigm Strategy Group & Fortune

This has proven to be even more significant for the next generation of consumers. With a spending power of $140 billion, Gen Z is set to have a huge impact on the future of businesses and impact is of more importance to this demographic than ever before. 

Note – you can read more about marketing to Gen Z here.

2) Video Reigns As Content King 

In no small part, Tik Tok is to thank for the growing popularity of short-form video content. It is predicted that the video only app will surpass 1.5 billion users in 2022 and, Instagram’s clone feature “reels” is experiencing a huge uptake in popularity at the same time. 

Furthermore, it’s not just Tik Tok and Instagram seeing massive results from video content. On Linkedin, video generates some 20x more shares compared with other types of content on its platform (Social Media Today). Video is a quick, easy and convenient way for consumers to engage with content and we’re certain it will continue to explode in the coming year. 

3) Micro-Influencers Will Become A Primary Marketing Strategy

“When we asked global marketing professionals which trends they planned to invest in for 2022, 34% said influencer marketing, putting it at the top of the list”


Micro-influencers are influencers with a follower account in the 10k to the 100k range, sometimes, even smaller than that! Influencers with a smaller following often have a high engagement rate and are seen by consumers as more relatable, as they are yet to carry the “celebrity” status of their bigger counterpoints.  This is great news for small businesses, as micro-influencers are often far more affordable than those with a larger following. Making influencer marketing far more accessible for businesses regardless of their current size. 

4) Collaboration > Competition

Amongst the numerous negative consequences of the pandemic, one certainly held a huge spotlight. Many businesses, especially small businesses suffered both financially and in terms of resources. Collaboration is an incredible way for businesses to maximise their impact and speed up their growth. Joining forces, co-working on projects and sharing resources will likely be a very popular way to aid the necessary recovery of businesses of all sizes. 

5) Having Or Growing A Personal Brand Will Be A Game-Changer

As the world shifts towards the “why” instead of the “what”, a personal brand is an amazing opportunity to build trust, relationships and tell your “why” to your current and potential customers. As the world continues in its relentless consumption of social media, businesses in 2022 will emphasise their focus on their story to reap the benefits of organic marketing and the sales that will come as a result. If you want to find out more about growing a personal brand you can check out our guide here. 

6) Educational Marketing Will Skyrocket

For many, 2021 created a new perspective on how they want to show up in their lives and the world as a whole. Though of course the negative impacts of Covid have been felt intensely, for many, it also inspired a desire to up-skill, learn and ultimately gain a better understanding of the world we live in. As a result, knowledge-driven content is set to be at the centre of social media. On social media, value is no longer just entertainment based distraction. Instead, it is fast becoming an opportunity for people to spend their spare time focusing on their personal growth. Businesses and brands that endeavour to contribute to the growth journey of their consumers will certainly see the benefits in 2022. 

7) Automation & Outsourcing

Labour shortages in 2021 were, and continue to be, a widespread issue for businesses as we end 2021. “76% of companies in 2021 report using automation” (Hubspot), a number that will inevitably continue to grow.

 In 2022, businesses will likely look to tech alternatives to automate the processes in their businesses in an effort to reduce the consequences of navigating businesses with a smaller team and to make better use of the high-level skillsets within their human resources. Things like self-serve ordering, chatbots on websites and outsourcing business activities to VA’s will probably see a steep increase as we head into and beyond the coming New Year.

Final Thoughts

Marketing and business is an ever-changing landscape. If there is anything we take from 2021, it’s that life is completely unpredictable. Staying ahead of the trends will have unmatched benefits for your business as it develops. But it will also keep you in the best position for when the unpredictable occurs. 

That being said, it can be overwhelming. So if you are in need of a hand on how to implement any of the above please reach out to the team at Creative Little Soul to that being said, it can be overwhelming. So if you are in need of a hand on how to implement any of the above please reach out to the team at Creative Little Soul to discuss how we can make your marketing journey easier and be sure to check out our 365 Marketing Checklist available to purchase now