Why you need to learn and use Canva!

The days of needing a design degree or an expensive license to create amazing graphics and designs. Canva is the future making it easier and even free to create assets for your business and brand. Here’s our take on why you need to master it for and stat!

When you hear the word ‘Canva’ you either are a lover or a hater. Some people are gifted with creativity, others struggle to think of ideas. This is where Canva helps those with the less creative minds. Most of the haters are Designers, which is understandable, but let’s discuss why we think you need to use Canva. 

What Is Canva?

Canva is the fastest growing billion-dollar idea of this century. Founded in 2012, by an Australian husband and wife team, Canva reached a net profit of 40 million this year alone; this is just the beginning for this creative platform. 

If you haven’t heard of Canva, then you must be living under a rock. Canva is an online graphic design website within which templates are created for you. There is no end to what you can design with Canva. Posters, social media content, animated videos and even a feature for creating logos. Canva is designed for the non-designer. It boasts many similar (but not the same) functionalities to Adobe Photoshop, but is far simpler to navigate. This is likely why the platform has over 10 million users. 

Canva VS Graphic Designer

As a marketing agency, we tend to use both Canva and Graphic Designers to get the job done for our clients. But in saying that, while there are still things we know Canva can do, we often choose to use our amazing Graphic Designer team as we have their skillset on hand.

There is a big difference between what Canva, and a Graphic Designer can do. If you want something more customised and want something that needs more in-depth creation, then this is where you consult a Graphic Designer. Think of it this way, where our Graphic Designers deals with customised designs, Canva is more efficient for all our quick social media content and for all our basic poster and presentation designs. 

Canva is perfect for a small business or someone who doesn’t have the time for creating designs and needs something already pre-done and templated.

Here are 4 reasons why you should invest your time in learning how to use and master Canva:

1) There is a free version

Although it doesn’t give you the full package of what Canva can do, this free option is perfect for those small businesses that still need to be able to create, download, and post visually appealing content.

Now the additions to what Canva Pro (the paid version) can give you:  

  • When your designs are already completed; you have the ability to resize anything, to any dimensions, you want.
  • Upload brand fonts, or any of your clients’ fonts. 
  • Create multiple teams using one Canva account and organize all collateral, photos, uploads, and completed work into folders.
  • Access to all imagery, GIFs, illustrations, and many more templates, without paying per image.

2) You need zero design skills

Canva is available via canva.com. Go to the website and sign up, and that’s it. Anyone and everyone can access it. 

Even designers have to agree that some of the functions like having a template already sized, that can be resized at a simple click is much better than what Adobe can do. Even adding images is super simple. You upload the image, then drag and drop it in. 

3) Endless Possibilities

How big is Pandora’s box? The possibilities are endless with Canva. You can create marketing collateral for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and it has all the correct dimensions for those platforms. There are free templates for every size you need, free images, free fonts and free graphic elements. Now the paid version does give you full access to these, where the free version is limited to certain ones. 

4) There are heaps of tutorials and businesses that offer training

For any training on software, this is always an issue for local Australian businesses to have training in this time zone. Even Canva training sessions are in US times (even if they are an Australian company). But there are millions of companies in Australia that offer a quick course of how to use it and that doesn’t cost a fortune either.

We recommend Trudy from Holistic Psychology who is a fabulous communicator of people and business. She has a passion for Canva and has created a simple course for those who need to understand exactly what Canva can do for you and also how to easily create designs that work for your business. 

Her Canva course is launching on the 20th November for $49 (normally $97). We recently had a training course with her, and with her amazing knowledge and communication skills, this event is not to be missed. AND as a bonus she will also provide you with, 3 x FB Social Media Post Templates, 3 x Instagram Social Media Post Templates and 4 x One Page Planner Templates. 

Get your tickets here: https://bit.ly/3Hbr6xO

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