The Unexpected Truth About Working From Home

Like the total trendsetters we are, we’ve been working from home since before the rest of the cosmos cottoned on to the benefits. Check out Brianna’s insight on what she thinks of the CLS work from home model and is it here to stay?

Working from home (WFH) has become common in the last couple of years. This inconvenient little thing, popularly referred to as the global pandemic, has been the catalyst for this dramatic surge of business operating from their home offices (mostly decorated with the help of #pinterestofficeinspo of course). The cool thing though, at CLS we’ve all been working from home since Chrissy founded the business nearly 9 years ago now, as it was a model that suited her but also made sense! So is this the new normal? Read on…

WFH – The New Normal

Post-pandemic lockdowns, it is likely that many businesses will continue WFH. There are some however, who have always been and will always continue to operate with staff working from home. Creative Little Soul falls under the latter. With this in mind, I wanted to share my experience with WFH since joining the wonderful CLS team. 

Never Be Late For Work Again

During my job interview, which was conducted over the phone, I was told that the position I was applying for was permanently WFH. This news was awesome for me to hear! I have always hated rushing in the morning to get out of the door. I know I know, you’re probably thinking “just wake up earlier” right? 

But the thing is – half asleep Brianna likes to betray awake Brianna so when my alarm goes off, half asleep Brianna either snoozes it or turns it off completely; leaving awake Brianna to be the one under time pressure. Yep. Happens a lot and yes, it is annoying. So, the first benefit about my experience working from home is that I am never late. Even if I wake up just 5 minutes before I’m meant to start, not late. #winning.

A More Relaxed Morning?!

That being said, waking up 5 minutes before starting is not my usual situation (I promise boss!). Another plus to WFH is my morning routine has never been better. I can have a relaxed wake up, followed by taking my time to decide on which morning beverage I feel like and then making said beverage at my own pace. I can carefully execute my ever-expanding skin care routine without any time pressure and have time for a good balanced breakfast as well.

Dressed, But Not To Impress

Oh, and if my morning wasn’t good enough, I get to change out of the comfortable clothes I slept in and then, wait for it… put on other comfortable clothes that I can work in! Any situation in which I can wear comfortable clothes is a situation I’m pleased to be in. I can also hang out with my pets alllll day and let’s be honest, animals tend to be way better than people!

Remember, You Are Still Part Of A Team

I really think I am built for the WFH lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean it is for everyone. In order to be good at WFH you have to be able to keep yourself accountable. If you slack off then it’s going to be up to your team to follow you up and bug you which, lets face it, no one wants to do. I have also found that whether I’m in a “productive mood” or not, I still have the responsibility to be productive and get my work done. 

This isn’t always easy but having a communicative and supportive team does make it that much easier. I would also say that if you’re someone who needs to ask a lot of questions, learns by someone standing with you and walking you through everything, showing you all the details or you aren’t that good at responding to messages then WFH probably won’t come as naturally to you. That doesn’t mean you could never do it, it just means you are likely to find it more challenging.

Leave Work At Work, Especially When Work Is Home

When working from home it is also important to remember that work life balance is essential. You need to be able to switch between your home brain and work brain without your physical surroundings changing. Letting your work brain take too much control could result in you overworking yourself and teaching your brain to associate home with work, I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like a road I would like to go down. 

To sum up – I have loved WFH, it has changed the way I perceive a workplace and job experience entirely. How do you think your lifestyle would change if your current job became WFH, is it something you would like?

Let us know in the comments your experience and if you’re a convert or prefer to commute and spend some time in the office.

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