What To Expect This Christmas: Walkin’ in a COVID wonderland!

Everything you thought you knew about Christmas forget it. Times have changed and here’s everything you need to know about how consumers will act and spend this silly season and how you can prepare to cater for this shifting market.

The festive season is fast approaching and with it, the usual “crazy” rush that it brings. Or so we thought. As a population that’s spent a substantial amount of time in lock down, socially distanced and many without income, it’s expected the way we tackle the festive rush will have changed too. So as December gets closer day by day, here’s what we’re predicting for this coming post-COVID Christmas season. 

  1. People have less money to spend

It’s no secret that the pandemic brought with it some devastating financial effects. With many out of work and businesses closing their doors many have found themselves with far less money than they would have had before. Naturally, this means that regardless of who has been naughty or nice, people are likely to take a more frivolous approach to their spending this Christmas. This means people will be looking for deals, sales and cheaper options across the board. 

  1. Expect Afterpay, Laybuy, Payo and other payment plan options to be popular

The financial turmoil means many will be looking for alternative options to fund their festive season. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) apps like Afterpay and Laybuy, which allow you to purchase gifts and otherwise pay with split payments, with no interest over a set time period are likely to be an exceptionally popular way to do so. In addition, with the promised re-opening of hospitality venues, Christmas parties and events will also need to be financed. BNPL apps like Payo are leading the way in Australia enabling business owners to finance their events with split payments as well. 

  1. People will purchase experiences vs goods

Covid 19 stole much from 2020/21. Events, adventures and new-made-memories being one such thing. We predict many will be keen to make up for lost time and as a result, will be giving experiences where before they may have sent gifts. It is important for businesses to take this into account and to think about what they can do to include experiences in part of their offering.

  1. The postal service is a piece of shit, so expect earlier orders

In what is unlikely to be new information. The postal system isn’t exactly known for nailing their logistics. Throughout the pandemic, online orders saw a huge uptake. For many this highlights the inadequacy of the delivery system with many experiencing unparalleled wait times to receive their orders. It is likely this will reflect over the festive system with people ordering fast and early from a newly solidified lack of confidence that their items will arrive on time. 

  1. Sales, sales and more sales are where you’re going to see people purchase 

The festive season is known for Boxing Day and January sales. But with Covid re-defining Christmas, we predict seeing those sales a whole lot sooner. The financial strain of the pandemic is no secret. As consumers search far and wide to spend sparingly, business owners are aware that one of their strongest selling points this year is going to be price. So expect offers, discounts and sales to be popping up left, right and center. 

  1.  Start your marketing campaigns and strategies NOW 

As businesses, the above information lands on one clear fact. If you haven’t already started planning, preparing and posting your strategies and marketing campaigns for the upcoming festive season, now is the time to start. As a business owner, you should be preparing your financing options for your customers (BNPL), prepping your sales and nurturing and preparing your customers with email marketing, social media and more. 

If you are looking for a little extra support in your marketing as Christmas fast approaches, the friendly team at Creative Little Soul are more than happy to assist you in your efforts. 

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What are you doing in your business to get the jingle bells ringing? 

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