Meet the team: Tiffany Quan

Meet Tiffany, she’s our newest member of our team member doing all things design, hustling with Clare and she’s currently studying too. Check this article out and get to know what makes her tick.

We are delighted to welcome Creative Little Soul’s newest crew member to our ever-growing marketing agency. Introducing Creative Little Soul Junior Graphic Designer, Tiffany Quan.

Creative Little Soul (CLS) is an award-winning digital and creative marketing agency. We provide business support and creative services such as content creation, digital marketing strategies and design for our clients. From humble beginnings, Chrissy Symeonakis established Creative Little Soul in 2013.

Fast forward eight and a half years and CLS is now a sizeable team, with each staff member bringing a wealth of talent into business. This in turn, serves our wonderfully varied client portfolio.

What is your role at Creative Little Soul?

Junior Graphic Designer

What was your first paying job, and what did it teach you?

My first paying job was at an Oliver Brown Café, where I worked as a casual all-rounder at 15! That experience taught me a lot from learning how to multi-task to making an amazing chocolate-coated waffle banana split. I worked long hours there, sometimes even until midnight. This job taught me the importance of taking healthy breaks and how to balance my work, school, and social life. 

What tertiary education have you completed?

I am on track to complete my Bachelor in Design degree at UNSW Art & Design in May 2022. 

Where did you work before landing your job at CLS?

I am still currently working in hospitality at Event Cinemas and in the fitness industry with Plus Fitness.

What do you do to stay motivated at work? (Do you have a productivity hack you can share with us?)

I stay motivated at work by enjoying what I do, which is design and working with a fun and exciting team! My productivity hack is setting up small achievable steps to conquer that bigger task or project. It makes me feel like I’m moving forward, which keeps me motivated and helps me stay on track. Otherwise, snacks always keep me motivated!

What is your favourite social media platform, and why?

Currently Instagram is one I enjoy using. It’s easy to use, easy to connect with friends and a good source of inspiration, all in one place.

Has COVID impacted you? Has living and dealing with a restricted life transformed you? (Have you changed/grown as a person during this really challenging time?)

I can say that COVID has been the mental health break I’ve been waiting for! I’ve learned to love so many new hobbies and skills, which have made me become an even happier person than I was before lockdown. I have learned to love cooking and can now say that I am a true foodie! I really focused on myself these last months, and my energy levels have reflected that. 

Can you share with us where you go looking for inspiration?

I find my inspiration in a lot of old magazines, especially fashion magazines. I like to see what’s trending on Behance and keep up to date with the latest styles and designs. Then I like to make a mix of both the new and old!

What are your hobbies outside of work? 

I love to cook vegan/vegetarian foods. I like collaging, and currently, I’m upskilling in the beauty world. 

 What kind of music do you enjoy?

 I have always loved the old RnB divas such as Amerie, Jamelia, Kelly Rowland and Mariah Carey, to name a few, but I’m currently going through a fun disco phase that I’m enjoying as well. I’m a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to music. I can start my day with jazz and end it with house.

 Where’s one place on your bucket list to travel to? 

I would really enjoy exploring the whole of Australia. As someone who has lived here my whole life, I’ve only visited a handful of places in Australia. A good road trip around the coast is on my bucket list.

 Fave Disney Princess/ Character and why? 

Moana! She is the cutest most down to earth princess of them all. But she is my favourite mainly because of the songs in the movie!

At CLS we are very focused on self-care. Can you share with us some of the things you do to look after yourself that keeps you in a good place to take on the challenges of daily life?

I do a range of things to keep myself sane and rooted in my present. Right now, I’m focusing on eating healthily after learning that a healthy gut makes a healthy mind! I also journal, say my daily affirmations and make sure I’m getting enough sleep every night.

Tiffany is already working busy behind the scenes, supporting Clare and our clients. If you are after something whipped up whether it be for print or online, reach out and let us assist you.

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