How one woman is on a journey to rebuild the Australian travel & tourism industry. Meet Anna Shannon

We’re hanging out to travel, but how we do it and when we can are all up in the air at the moment. In a pretty much new landscape of travel we chat to our friend and client Anna about how she’s made it her mission to help the travel and tourism industry along with consumers who are at the ready to get back out there to it!

A world turned upside down by the pandemic wreaked havoc on the Travel Industry. As flights ground to a halt, Travel Agencies, Hotels and Borders shut their doors and many in Travel and Tourism lost their employment Anna Shannon is on a mission to bring the travel industry back to life.

Your Flight Has Been Cancelled!

Covid 19 has changed the Travel Industry forever. Uncertainty for both travelers and travel agents ran wild as cancellations and redundancies defined the industry throughout the pandemic. 

Anna Shannon was thriving in the Travel Industry. Born into an Italian background, trips to Italy to visit her family ignited a spark for the love of travel that has grown to a full blaze throughout her life. 

At 30 years old, Anna was an exceptionally accomplished Marketer. With huge clients and accolades, it’s hard to believe that she would throw it all away. But Anna is people-centric and driven by passion, and the travel fire burning inside her was just too hot to ignore. 

“It doesn’t matter if you

earn a big salary if you don’t 

love what you are doing”.  

Anna shannon

The Start of A New journey

Anna left her successful Digital Marketing Career to become a Travel Agent, sacrificing a high income to build a life that she loved. Anna’s passion and drive meant that after just a few short years saw her become one of the top agents in her region. With customers turned friends, Anna has planned thousands of dream journey’s for people, who’ve become return clients, friends who continued to entrusted their travel plans to her.

A Major Life detour

Then suddenly, everything changed. As Covid 19 crept out of China and began to stretch globally and into Australia, Anna Shannon received a life-changing call. Overnight, she was made redundant and found herself unemployed. To make ends meet, she went back to working in marketing, working with small businesses on social media and beyond. Anna, again driven by her want and need to help people, with a passion for connection, support and community.

“Good afternoon passengers this is your captain speaking. There’s been a change of plans”.

Now, with the travel industry set to return, Anna has an impressive mission – Travel Agent Finder. Anna has launched her new venture dedicated to re-defining the travel story once more. Here to assist in navigating the new normal for Aussie Travelers and Travel Agents alike.

Taking Off – Travel Agent Finder

Travel Agent Finder is there to help rebuild income for Travel Agents left devastated by Covid 19 while simultaneously providing Australians confidence as the time becomes closer for them to be able to travel once more. Travel Agent Finder’s mission is two-fold:

  • Connecting Australian travelers with their destination expert so they feel confident to travel again knowing wherever their journey takes them they have constant support. 
  • To help the Australian Travel Industry recover by providing a free to use platform for agents to showcase their expertise to Aussie’s who are looking for their new travel adviser.

“Before Covid, many people would ask me, ‘how do you have a job as a travel agent? I thought everyone booked online!

There is still a huge market. In 2019 – 70% of Aussies used an agent for at least part of their trip. Now going forward many travelers have lost their agents as a result of the pandemic. With the uncertainty around travel post-covid, people that had confidence in doing it themselves they will need help navigating traveling in “the new normal”

anna shannon

Anna is committed to using her years of excellence, expertise and knowledge to ensure the best agents are connected with travelers, to ensure a streamlined and easy process and to support the travel and Tourism Industry on the road back to recovery. What’s more, inline with her dedication to supporting the rebuild of Travel and Tourism, the platform will be completely free to use for Travel Agents. 

Furthermore, the platform’s search capabilities match travelers with specific experts with in-depth knowledge of their desired destination or travel type.

You can check out the website here.

We Have Reached Your Destination

Anna’s mission is heart-driven. Triggered by her love for an industry and the people within that have given so much to her life. As travel returns to Australia, we look forward to seeing what’s to come for Anna Shannon and Travel Agent Finder!

Where is your first destination when the borders reopen? 

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