4 ways to leverage Clubhouse to revolutionise your business

You’ve heard us talk about Clubhouse regularly now, so what’s it all about and how can you benefit? Check this article out and also our amazing package and classes to get you on the app and not only surviving but thriving and running rooms like a pro!

If you own a business and you’re not using Clubhouse you’re making a huge mistake. Combining the feeling of genuine connection, with images of smiling faces and the sound of experts in every field readily available to share their knowledge and insight, Clubhouse is the marketing tool to access your ideal customers, clients and collaborations to skyrocket your business growth.

WTF Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is the dominating force in the social-audio space. It first launched back in March 2020 and in the short time since then, it has been valued at a whopping 4 billion (US) dollars. Social Audio is pretty much what it says on the tin and is best described as an interactive podcast experience. Clubhouse is a social audio, social media platform, that allows you to schedule, host and join thousands of conversations live.

Haven’t Heard Of Clubhouse? 

In America, across Europe and beyond Clubhouse users are in the tens of millions.  If you’re in Australia however, Clubhouse may be a foreign concept. But that is unlikely to be for long.  Clubhouse users in Australia and New Zealand have increased by 44% since June. 

As Clubhouse starts to explode this side of the pond now is the ideal time to become an Australian Early-Adopter. Being the early bird catching the worm provides you with many benefits. Offering you a unique opportunity to become the thought leader on a revolutionary social media platform and the chance to be there to welcome your potential customers and clients at the Clubhouse’s front door.  

How can you use Clubhouse to boost your business?

Brand Awareness

The fact is that people buy from people. Where other social media platforms, like Instagram for example, present a perfectly curated but, frankly transparent insight into the “who” of your business, Clubhouse offers an #nofilter experience that creates meaningful trust and connection. Speaking about your brand on Clubhouse is the equivalent of doing so face to face with an audience full of your ideal customer. 

Building A Community

“88% of community professionals believe that community is critical to the company’s mission.”


Clubhouse allows you to quickly create, grow and nurture a highly engaged community with ease. Allowing not only you to connect with your customers, but your customers to connect with each other. 

Why is this valuable?

Your brand exists as a direct result of those that it helps; be that through a product or service. Building a community around a mutual desire for a solution creates a widespread impact that drives two positive outcomes.

  • It creates connection – A connection dependent on tackling the mutual problem that your brand/business solves for them. Which leads perfectly into number 2.
  • Sales – Community breeds loyalty. Word-of-mouth can make or break a business. Customer loyalty is not only beneficial, it is a necessity for sales.

Growing Your Network

“Your network is your net worth”

There’s an old saying in the business world. Clubhouse allows you to quickly grow your network by offering unfettered access to others in and out of your industry without any geographical restriction. Businesses are built in relationships and having a network internal and external of your industry is one of the most valuable assets you can build. Your network opens the doors for collaboration opportunities, introductions, investment, advice and so much more.

Easy Access To Targeted Market Research 

Having a community built through social audio simplifies getting feedback and customer opinion tenfold. With Clubhouse, gone are the days of feedback forms, chasing testimonials and guess work. If you need feedback on something related to your business, make a room about it and ask them directly. This is probably one of the most powerful things Clubhouse has to offer your business. Having such easy and extended access to your ideal client, on mass conversational is something that is truly invaluable.

Clubhouse 101

Marketing is an ever-developing element to your business and staying ahead of the curve, by utilising new tools and platforms, is necessary to remain ahead of your competitors and in front of your customers. As Clubhouse leads the social audio explosion in Australia and beyond, now is the time to make sure you are fully set up there and making the most of what the platform can do for your brand and business. 

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