Q & A With Our Intern Chanel Morris

We are delighted to welcome Creative Little Soul’s newest crew member to our ever-growing marketing agency. Introducing Creative Little Soul Marketing Intern Chanel Morris.

Creative Little Soul (CLS) is an award-winning digital and creative marketing agency. We provide business support and creative services such as content creation, digital marketing strategies and design for our clients. From humble beginnings, Chrissy Symeonakis established Creative Little Soul in 2013.

Fast forward seven years and CLS is now a sizeable team, with each staff member bringing a wealth of talent into business. This in turn, serves our wonderfully varied client portfolio

What is your role at Creative Little Soul?


Did you have a connection with Chrissy or CLS before your new role?

No – We had a mutual connection, my JMC Lecturer, Lauren Neko.

What was your first paying job, and what did it teach you?

My first paid job was an educator in after-school care. It taught me to adapt quickly to change in environments and helped build my social skills as I was constantly working across different schools with different staff. It also helped me build authority skills and become more comfortable with leadership and being in charge. 

What tertiary education have you completed?

I have a completed Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Gender Studies which I received from the University of Sydney. I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management with JMC Academy. 

Where did you work before landing your job at CLS?

I am still currently working in fashion retail with the Cotton On Group and Ally Fashion. 

What do you do to stay motivated at work? (Do you have a productivity hack you can share with us?)

I set daily goals and lists which encourage me to complete tasks on time and it also helps me to provide purpose and routine in my day. This keeps me accountable and utilises my time more effectively by planning ahead to ensure I complete everything. 

What is your favourite social media platform, and why?

I love TikTok because it is mindless and hilarious! I also love Instagram to discover other creatives and music industry professionals. 

Has COVID impacted you? Has living and dealing with a restricted life transformed you? (Have you changed/grown as a person during this challenging time?)

I have largely benefited from lock-downs. I have three casual jobs and study full time, which means my schedule is constantly chaotic and inconsistent. Lock-down was a period that helped me recharge on rest, create time for myself without feeling guilty, and gave me a sense of consistency whereby I can stay in one place without constantly feeling overwhelmed. 

Can you share with us where you go looking for inspiration?

I look mostly on Spotify for inspiration. As a singer/songwriter listening to music provides me with many creative ideas for my own projects. With a long-term goal to work in marketing for artists and a label, it also gives me a lot of creative inspiration to see what campaigns artists are coming up with to release their music. 

What are your hobbies outside of work? 

Singing, writing, painting, watching Netflix, spending time with friends and spending time in nature.

What kind of music do you enjoy?

I love Pop, R&B and recently EDM Pop.

Where’s one place on your bucket list to travel to? 

Anywhere that has Disneyworld and/or lots of wildlife.

Fave Disney Princess/ Character and why? 

Princess Aurora. The film graphics are super nostalgic, the music and her voice is beautiful. I love how she is gentle in nature with the animals. 

At CLS we are very focused on self-care. Can you share with us some of the things you do to look after yourself that keeps you in a good place to take on the challenges of daily life?

Gym classes help provide routine in my life, increase my endorphins and help me manage my mental health. 

Eating a good breakfast and making my bed in the morning helps set the tone of my day with productivity and good vibes. 

Getting vitamin D each day keeps me really happy. 

Baths, pamper routines, skincare, and fake tanning increases my confidence and is relaxing downtime. 

Listening to meditation music and doing affirmations/manifestations help me stay present, calm and provides me with goals I can look forward to.

If you are a student that would like to consider interning with us at Creative Little Soul drop amanda@creativelittlesoul.com.au an email to discuss.