Training and Development


Across our team, we’ve a variety of industry professionals and trainers. Whether your looking for someone to come in and facilitate your existing standards and training procedures, or are looking to have industry and business specific training created, we can help you.

We can provide but not limited to the below training:

  • Front of House Hospitality and sequence of service training
  • Customer service training
  • Social media and marketing training
  • Public speaking and how to be confident
  • How to be empowered in business; Woman can and do work as hard as men
  • Small business management training
  • Kitchen basics and culinary training
  • How to be a creative in business
  • Vision board workshops
  • Management of your database and how to increase your business profits
  • How to manage your music and entertainment bookings
  • Finding the right staff for your team and business.

We can also provide guest speakers on a range of varied topics and subjects to inspire and motivate your staff and students or to speak on your behalf at your next event of presentation.  We also provide online business coaching and business sessions too. Ahh technology, oh how we love you! Send an enquiry for a time and appointment request now via our website!

If you’d like to have Chrissy speak, present, talk or attend an event of yours please get in touch. She is available for such things and you can send us an enquiry via our contact page to find out more.