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We think it’s safe to say, that when it comes to truly “getting” when you’re talking about Hospo, we know our stuff! With over 15 years of personal experience herself, Chrissy has a wide variety of skills, training and expertise across a variety of  of different disciplines.

All of our team have a hospitality industry and background, and it’s by far the most sought after area for us to offer our services and work with customers and clients all over. Let’s be frank.. The hours are long, the work is exhausting you spend most of your time feeding others than you do seeing your own family and loved ones. Who in their right mind would work in this industry? But if it’s in the blood you’ve no escaping it, and somewhere in there you love it as much as you hate it and we too get that.

We excel in this industry and have a multitude of wins under our belts. Seeing our clients go from the brink of bankruptcy to winning National awards. Seeing customers grow, expand and also putting things in place to help them thrive.

From the humble corner pizza shop to the 5 star hotel. To the niche fusion restaurant to the fast food chain. We’ve been there and worked with everyone. We get that you can’t do everything yourself, perhaps you don’t have the skills or time or just don’t want to do everything. All of our packages are customised but we look at what you need, how we can help you and tailor something to suit you.

Things we can assist you with (but are not limited to are)

  • Business and marketing plans
  • Customer service training
  • Brand development
  • Crisis management
  • Training and development
  • Business admin services
  • Business public relations/ Answering and managing online reviews
  • Food and beverage solutions
  • Menu development and design
  • Special event management
  • Marketing and promotional strategies
  • Customer service audits
  • Risk assessment
  • Competitor and client analysis
  • Sales and marketing
  • Training procedure writing and SOP creation
  • Sourcing entertainment/ music styling
  • Customer/ Loyalty membership
  • Database growth and management and automation
  • Functions and Events
  • Media coverage and PR
  • Venue re branding and relaunch
  • Venue styling and interior design
  • Online and digital presence/ marketing and listings

We’re partnered with a huge number of industry providers, platforms, and suppliers which all know who we are and have a great reputation for working with. We can in turn get you great discounts and deals and we’re probably the #1 referred agency with the hospitality industry from third parties!  We do NO sales of Marketing in this area and are sought out and in demand!

If you’d like to work with us, get in touch and we’ll happily provide you information, case studies and information on who we’ve worked with!

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