Creative Cast Episode 3

We’re back again for the 3rd installment of our Creative Cast. Apologies that it wasn’t up last week, but I spent a bit of time in hospital just getting my MS and health in check.

But all good and it is what it is. This week I thought I’d discuss and go over email etiquette and conversation in general. I’ve gotten in trouble or been given a “stern talking too” more times than I can count  because my emails are too direct or people take it the “wrong way”. Are you the same? Does everyone say your email “voice” or “tone” leave a lot to be desired?

I know I’m not the only one out there, maybe we should found a support group?

Let us know you’re thoughts and feedback and if you’ve encountered something similar OR if you’ve some tips and tricks to over come this.

Enjoy your week and thanks for listening.