Creativecast Episode 5

I know it’s been a while between since my last ranting and ravings, but I thought it was time I drop you a quick message so here it is.  It’s super quick and lol listening back I’m surprised how much my motor mouth can cram into 6 minutes.

Winter is fast approaching, and it seems that everyone has finally come to the party and is keen to get stuff done. Awesome. If you’re of the mindset that with the cooler weather comes a lull in your business, or that you think it’s a good idea to scale back on your marketing and communication.. You then of all people need to listen to this.

As always, here’s me.. Unfiltered, and be warned there’s some profanity, but I hope some key advice and take aways for you. Remember reach out if you’ve a question or you want some advice.. Peace out..


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