Creativecast Episode 4

It’s been a while between podcasts, but we’re back and will be posting on  a regular basis.  Social media is a forever changing medium and there have been some updates and changes of late across a few different platforms which have been doing our head in.

Also a bit of a wrap up on some stats, advice and tips relating to the likes of TripAdvisor, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Feedback and comments always appreciated. If you like what you’ve heard, or think someone can benefit from the info feel free  to share!

I know I have a bad habit of saying “umm” a lot, as my Dad consistently reminds me. My podcasts are unscripted and are me just having a rant if you will. I did think about re- recording it  but the content is there, so a word of caution if it pisses you off lol you were forewarned!

Thanks  and until next time,


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