Creativecast Episode 1

OK so the time has come to take things to the next level. Let us introduce to you episode one of our aptly named Creativecast. After a few suggestions and feedback from a few of you (and mostly that while the content of our blogs is awesome, there is a lot of words to read through). So now you for your listening pleasure you get to hear my talk and chat about subjects and general banter and musings. It’s completely raw and from my head and heart. Their is background noise of my urban soundscape (mostly I think I was on the flight path tonight) and like Marissa said “it’s urban until there are gunshots, then it’s just ghetto”.

Feedback always welcome, suggestions and topics encouraged. Thanks for listening.


2 thoughts on “Creativecast Episode 1

  1. Just listened to the first 3 podcasts. Awesome content, also what you’ve been sending to my email, as I’m subscribed. Great tips and hacks! Thank you

  2. Hi Chrissy,

    Firstly you’re amazing and in hospo turn creative we have a little too much in common (similar frustrations with our past industry too haha)! I just discovered Creative Little Soul through scrolling through the Sydney Creative Collective page your post “If you can rant, then you can blog because essentially that’s what blogging is a rant with purpose… ” getting my attention as in recently applying for a content manager position for the first time in a few years and also starting my own business and knowing fully that I need to start writing again and blogging needs to become a part of my life stat. Being told by family and close friends before I can definitely rant it caught my attention hoping I guess for a bit of a life in confidence and it to kick me into gear. From there I was curious about Creative Little Soul as the name really resonated with me… where better to start than the first podcast. I really felt like listening to something for a bit as my eyes were a bit tired from staring at a screen.

    Wow. Again you’re amazing. I recently for my own health reasons and wanting to be completely in control over my health and wellbeing downloaded a course that was only $30 on MindBodyGreen that may help you as it’s from Dr Terry Wahl… who wrote The Wahls Protocol [ ] who cured her own MS through this regime which is completely medication free. The course I downloaded here this week because the last time I worked full time in a start up and also worked freelance on other projects, which I’m looking to do again as found projects I’m inspired by, I worked myself into adrenal fatigue and it took a long time to get better and much trial and error on what worked and what didn’t for me and really starting from scratch far away from my recent ambitious self and having through no other option to make health a priority and career take a side seat meant I am very healthy now and have been for a couple of years and the ambition and drive in me is calling out for attention again so I’m researching how to get the most out of my body without running it down this time. And part of that was downloading this course and another was quitting refined sugar. 4 days in I’m feeling heaps clearer but I guess it’s early days. [ ]

    I totally agree with you and sometimes illness can in a way be a gift if it redirects you into a better life. This was absolutely a benefit because in your words I was working my ass off for ‘dickheads’ and is the reason I once better have now studied more, travelled more, had some amazing quality time with friends and family I wouldn’t have allowed myself to have in my past workaholic ways and also how through that journey I’ve learnt to look after my wellbeing and also spent enough time getting to know what I want to add to the world and in that had the freedom and time out of necessity to now start my own business/social enterprise and move forward in a way that will help people with much more compassion and empathy than I had before getting ill.

    Sorry if this is a long rant (see can rant) just felt like I needed to reach out after being so touched by your podcast and having recently discovered Terry Wahls work that may be of help. I’ll certainly be keeping Creative Little Soul in mind if your services ever fit my needs too as I resonate with your values and applaud them.

    Love and Light xx Kristen

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