Creative Cast Episode 2

So after our last week and a whopping almost 15,000 listens to our first Creative Cast and Podcast we’re back again this week. You’ll have to forgive the “ah umms” which frequent a bit and my husky voice. I’m certain my voice is on the way out. I could edit them out but pfft that’s not authentic and that’s how I talk. I know my Dad will be cringing as he pulls me up on saying “umm” a bit. Sorry JImbo, but just roll with it old man.

This week I’m chatting to you about all things instagram and why I think it’s important to have it in business, some cool and fun things to look for and do and some of my pet hates.

I also referenced a few things in the Creative Cast too and I promised that I’d share them here with you.

My Guestlist – These guys do a range of really cool things so check out their site, but they’ve inbuilt to their platform a cool and nifty way to track your instagram competitions;either as a one off or a multiple and unlimited bundle over the course of 12 months. Tell them that we sent you.

Boomf is a cool online company that will print and package up your instagram pics onto marshmallows. They’ll ship anywhere and they’ve a long shelf life too. The perfect and unique gift for someone that has everything.

Sticky 9– Initially they just started off printing your instagram pics and made them into magnets. They’ve since expanded their printing services and you can get everything from stickers, ipad covers, magnets and they’ll even put them in really cute frames for you. The great thing is you can elect to print from other peoples accounts, which means you can gift these for someone too.  They also do a photo book where you can select 20 of your favourite photos and get it into a cute bound book. Highly suggest looking into this.

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