Established in 2013, Creative Little Soul is an award winning digital and creative marketing agency founded by Chrissy Symeonakis.

Chrissy having spent over 17 years in the hospitality, entertainment and marketing and media industry, elected to establish Creative Little Soul to provide niche and personalised services and solutions to other business owners – who perhaps didn’t have the time, money or know how to implement marketing and social media strategies into their own business.

The aim and ethos at Creative Little Soul has always been to provide outside of the box and organised activations, strategies and ideas to garner success and profitability not only for our clients but to afford us the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and with whomever we please.

We offer a range of varied support and services which are detailed below (however not limited to) and we’ve successfully established ourselves as a go to Media and Marketing Agency not only within Australia, but abroad.

We understand that in business, not one size fits all – therefore our pricing is reflective of that. We tailor packages specifically for the business or individual or business we work for, and we assure quality, success and access to a diverse and committed team of professionals.

So, if you need copy created, a business plan drafted, blogs written, some help with your business and beyond. Please get in touch for a conversation, and let us create, inspire or motivate you and let’s assist you in ticking some items off your business bucket list!



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