Creative Little Soul was born out of having a Creative mind, heart and passion for wanting to follow my dreams, help others by sharing my business and industry experience. When I was younger, I always wanted to be a writer. I have journals still from my teenage angst years, I’ll probably publish them one day.Reading back at them is hilarious. I’ve worked in admin and retail, bars and clubs, restaurants and hotels as well as marketing and events. The happiest I am is when I get to create.

Throughout the past fifteen years, I’ve worked for some of the coolest clubs and bars, put on and toured some amazing acts and artists and been involved in the creation, implementation of numerous concepts and strategies. I’ve been fortunate to live and travel all around the place. I’ve had the opportunity to grow, live, learn and love. I’ve contributed content and articles for a number of print and online publications. I’ve conducted work place training sessions, created training procedures and manuals and taught many people the value of customer service.

My vision is to not only achieve my own dreams, to do what I love but to help others achieve their own success and potential. My work speaks for myself, I’m hard working, motivated, passionate and free thinking. Life is to be lived and if there are others there to help you so you can live yours, you need only ask. Our clients have won numerous awards and reached many milestones, we’ve been happy to help them and lead them to this success.

To try and pin point what we do is difficult. My skills and knowledge are pretty diverse. If you need copy created, a business plan, blogs written, some help with your business, marketing and promotional strategies created, administrative or social media services or if you think you might like me to create a business plan for you, let’s talk. Anyone of our staff and team members here can provide you with the best services and support in the industry. We are one of the premier digital marketing and social agencies within (but not limited to) the hospitality industry, and we’ve partnerships and relationships with a great number of providers, media and apps and management tools.

When it comes to cost, we know everyone has different budgets and needs, and that money is always soooo awkward to discuss. Therefore we don’t have a ‘one size fits all” price fee or structure. Each and every job is quoted out on based on what you need. We discuss with you which services or skills are required, whether you liaise with a junior or senior staff member, and how we can assist. We’ll provide you with a one off free consultation and meeting and cost and quote and you’re always aware prior to any work being commenced what you’re up for.

We sell a service vs products so that means our time is our money. Our rates are very reasonable,  and we offer project management, hourly work and rates, monthly plans and deals as well as an opportunity to organise a payment plan and installations. We accept a variety of payment methods including cash, EFT and all major credit cards.  Remember you wouldn’t barter at the grocery store, so please don’t with us!

Send us a message, request a call back or meeting, and let’s see how we might be able to work together.

Thanks for stopping by,

Chrissy Symeonakis
Managing Director
Creative Little Soul





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