Being blunt, it’s not all bad.. It just means we see through the bullshit!

Blunt, direct, to the point, straight up, not mincing words.  If you’ve one of these people in you’re life they’re either your best friend, trusted confidant or a total pain in your arse.  I’m sure you can think of 1 -2 of these people off the top of your head, I’m one and have been for many years.

Early in the piece, my Dad would often have to tell me to tone down my opinions a bit, and to be fair tact wasn’t probably my strong point. I’d get in trouble for saying what I though, probably not being sensitive to others feelings or the situation, and well with youth comes arrogance so I probably didn’t really care.

As I’ve gotten older, and over the years, my tact and time and place are a little more refined and well I still call a spade a spade. This was how I was taught my by parents, and I like to think that instilling this principal in my life has attributed to person I am now. Not everyone likes that, or me and well I’m OK with that..  Given that it’s a large part of my job, to provide people with feedback, honesty and opinions on best practice for their business, I think I must be OK at it.

So what’s this blog post about?  A few things happened over the last few weeks, where my bluntness and that of others has come into play. I thought I’d share with you ways and why being direct can benefit you in life or business.

Being a blunt person can be rewarding, (like not having any bullshit people around you ) but that doesn’t make it easy. Yes, we admit it. We may come off cocky at times, but it’s a front – we don’t actually think we’re all that. I mean, we kind of are, but here are some other things behind why we’re the way we are:

  • We often have to deal with the misconception that you’re a bonafide bitch; people often forget that being blunt and being mean are two completely different things. Being mean is never OK. No matter who you talk to though, it’s important to be respectful. This trait is pushed from a young age, but somewhere along the way, people seem to forget what it actually means. They believe they can stop being respectful simply because they’re around people they know. Some will stop being respectful because they don’t like a person or the way they’re being treated. You can still be direct all while being kind.
  • Honesty is the best gift that you can give someone, and everyone seems to forget that. Why would you sugarcoat anything? It’s toxic, un productive and also time consuming and often miss-leading! 
  • When someone asks you for your advice, you have absolutely no problem giving it to them straight because you see it as a disservice to lie, and even if they ask for the truth, you know they’ll probably hate you for it…You can’t handle the truth!!! 
  • But they eventually forgive you when they realise that, you were right, and your bluntness comes from caring and you’re just looking out for them.
  • Sometimes people mistake your honesty for sarcasm….
  • But it works in your favor when you feel compelled to give compliments.
  • Actually, sarcasm is your secret shield against stupid people – the people who know you always have a private joke when you have to deal with moronic, annoying people.
  • You develop almost X Men like powers, where you can spot and see through bullshit really easily – which is why at any given time in your life you’ve only had a few close friends, you’re perceptive to an annoyingly accurate degree.
  • You get frustrated when people aren’t on their game quite like you are; you have no problem cutting people out of your life who don’t have the passion you do.  You’re intolerant to excuses and arseholes.
  • You’re never blunt for the sake of being mean, sometimes you just literally think out loud and can’t stop yourself…”Blue is not your color…”
  • You just know what you want, which automatically makes you the leader in any situation.
  • 1 thing I’ve learned though is that people will genuinely come to see this as a skill, a welcome addition to their inner circle and value your opinions. Because they know despite not wanting to hear some home truths sometimes, you’ve their back and their best intentions at heart and that we mean well.
  • You and other blunt people either get on really well or not at all. If you’re both without ego, just want to get the job done and are happy to see other people succeed, want to support them and share the same belief system and values you can seriously take on the world. If they’re however laden with ego, this will result in you butting heads, and you’ll call them out on their ulterior motive and agenda and this is where the bullshit o meter comes into play. You’ve no time for such games, you’ll quite happily walk away.
  • Money doesn’t drive you! You prefer good people, projects you’re genuinely interested in and people to respect you and what you’re about. If something doesn’t sit right with you, you’ve no issues  saying so well the money, friendships, business and the likes come because you’re in a better place and head space.

Oh and I’m a Virgo… So it’s almost a character flaw.. We’re not bad people, but we do mean what we say and do like getting direct and straight to the point… It’ means efficiency, productivity and being efficient..

So before you slag off your direct, to the point friend or work mate. See past what they’re saying then and there. Don’t be so offended and actually take into consideration that they’re looking at a bigger picture than you even thought existed and thank them for their servitude and for telling it as it is!