Hey readers.. Where and who are you??

I love data analysis as it not only allows me to do my job well, but also provides me with so much insight but from a business and marketing perspective, it’s seriously like having a play book right in front of you, or the answers a quiz your about to take. If you know to interpret and use it for your gain, then you’ll likely be getting some great wins on the board for yourself or clients.

I live and breath stats though, and if you’ve ever had a conversation with me you’ll know it excites me. There is a passion there that’s for sure. I’m not here to talk to you about that though, if you’re interested and want to know more, message me privately.

There is a set of data that I do enjoy looking at and into, and that’s the stats and information for my own website here. The one you’re reading this on right here and now. On the back end, I can see all of the user details and data, which countries my visitors are from, how many views I had at any given day and time and which parts of my site are most popular or which blogs keep doing the rounds over and over again.

This information also tells when it’s time to pull my finger out and get another post up, as my traffic is starting to taper off. If you do not have a system and widget in place to track this information, sort it out now. I love seeing what ridiculous things people entered in google to wind up at my site. Some are ridiculous and some doing the rounds this week are:

  • the art of the brick dc comics review
  • content
  • get creative shit done
  • as csr how to sugar coat emails
  • so cut pics


Plus I can see which pages are doing the rounds and this week it looks like people are sussing out who I am and what I’m about (totally makes sense as we’ve new clients coming on board) and we’d doing a lil bit of recruiting for us and others.

Nothing strikes me here as crazy..

The part I love the most though, is the geographical maps, seeing the countries people are from and also looking at the places they’re from. Here are some random stats about the visitors to our site for just this month ONLY.

My top visitors are from
1. United States
2. Australia
3. France
4. Germany
5. China

Of the places in the world I don’t have any visitors (I’m looking at you Africa) it’s likely because there is no internet in these regions, so look I’m OK with it for right now.. Oh and North Korea.. I think we know why. :/

I have readers and visitors from every part and country of the world. Places I’ve never been, but would like to some day so hello out there digital friends.

There is one person each and every month who visits my site from Iceland. Who are you beautiful stranger? If you read this, please message me I’d like to know who you are and about your life and what brought me to you.

There are loads and plenty more, and I appreciate and value each and everyone one of those people, who actively seek out my site, or just stumble across if thinking it’s Porn (for the creative articulate mind, I hope maybe you see it that way)

The world wide web has closed the gap on the world being a big and large place, and technology has enabled us to connect, interact, collaborate and share unlike ever before.

So if you’re reading this from afar, send me a message and contact me via our website. I’d love to know who you are and what brought you here and  a bit about you. I want to close the gap on seeing you as numbers, but rather individuals leering over a computer an wonder what and who you are. Please…