What this goals journal taught me about myself | At the core of it all!

While most people were over indulging and eating (and drinking) way too much over the holiday and festive season, I was working. I took  a few days off over Christmas and New Years, but December was busy for us as was coming into January and the New Year. It was a time to catch up, breath and also get organised and planning for the new 365 ahead.

This is always the way it’s been and when people heard of us working while others were off, we were met with sigh’s and sympathy, let me state I wouldn’t have had it any other way. There’s something quite nice about working at your own pace and speed, when everyone else takes a break and you can plot and plan away.

With a new year comes reflection, and before you think to yourself “Oh crap, this is another one of those “New Year, New me posts”, I can assure you it’s not. When you work in an industry where you’re always forward thinking and ahead of the game, my mind and mindset were already in 2017 some 5 months ago now.

I had said late last year though, that the new year was going to be for me one of self focus and prioritizing more of my own personal projects, goals and growth. A few weeks ago, on my way back from a Chiropractic appointment in the city, cutting through the mall gallerias and on the way to the train, I did as I often do pop my head into stationary store Kikki K.

I’ve always had a love affair if you will for notebooks and stationary. I know that let loose in Office-works I’m a menace to myself (and my bank account) and the number of note books in my home is I’ll admit it – on the high side. I’ve been banned in the past from processing stationary orders on behalf of our office and any organised person can tell you, you can never have enough papers and pens.

Given I’d worked all holidays and spending was low, I decided rather than just window shopping on this day, I’d buy myself something. That and I had to get a birthday card for a friend too. Ducking in to peruse was perfectly acceptable, I had a reason for stopping by.

I’m sure it was the font and the colour palette that caught my eye, but right there ahead of me was this gorgeous Goals Journal. Perfectly timed, placed and pretty and well it was heading home with me.

The journal’s set out in such a way, that it asked me to look at some core components of what drives and motivates me, along with ways to keep myself on track daily, monthly and big picture. If you want one, I suggest getting one as it’s by far one of the best I’ve seen or used to date.


There’s a section in the journal called Core Values. It asks you to rattle of 10 things that are at the root of your core that matter and important to you. Here are mine:

1. Financial Stability

2. Personal Relationships

3. Travel

4. Personal Development

5. Health

6. Meaningful Interactions

7. Creativity

8. Freedom

9. Change

10. Knowledge

These all seem pretty standard, and as I was rattling them off I agreed that yep, these were things that were important for me and the year ahead.

What did surprise me, was when the next step in the book asked me to from the list identify the top 3 values that are the most important to me right now.

These were

  1. Meaningful interactions
  2. Health
  3. Financial Stability

Was I surprised a little, but not really. I’ll explain.

I know that I’m not financially driven and why at times that can be good and bad, it’s not the be all and end all for me. Yes I don’t want to have to worry or stress out about money but I never look at people as a price tag. I never have nor never will.

My health and wellness with my MS is something I need to be more in tune too and it’s a priority moving forward, it should rate high as one of my core values, as without it everything else comes to a stand still.

Meaningful relationships, oh Chrissy. How you have to have a genuine connection with everyone to connect with, work with or meet.  Yep, this is true and for me to be able to get along with and play nice I need to have a connection with people I “get”, who can bring value and knowledge to my life and largely who I can respect. I know I want to be always learning and that the people I surround myself with must fit this criteria and core code.  I’ve had opportunities to make money and large amounts of it, but if I’m not on board with the person, product or ethos – forget about it I need that genuine connection and all those feels.

Looking at the above though, I think it’s actually kinda cool that my business model, friendships and live are based on this core value to me. That it’s probably  a great thing to fall back on and that I can honestly say these core beliefs are what drive me day in and day out.  It’s kind cool to see what drives you and know how you can use that to your strengths and benefits.

I found the activity to be really useful, which is why I’m sharing it with you.  If you’ve 5 minutes do the same activity, and see what it is you can learn about yourself.

The book is fantastic by the way, and they actually offer classes you can attend at your local Kikki K store. I love the book so much, I’ve bought them for my entire team and friends. If you want to find our more or purchase do so now. They’re 30% off, so even better! – Buy now