Addict or enabler? Where do you stand? | Device Addiction

Our phones and devices go everywhere  we do. Clutched in our hand, strapped tightly in a case, our faces glued to them- waiting for that next like, tag or to see what happens as it does. Hoping we’re in the right place at the right time to film something that could potentially go viral, in turn making us an internet sensation (or maybe not).

It’s estimates that 91% of Gen Y are addicted to their phones, that phone addiction is actually a thing, and largely human behaviour is being effected by our constant need for screen time.

What’s more 76% of people admit to taking their phones to the bathroom with them, to continue to do business or curate their life while they’re taking care of business. Checking their news-feeds, perusing social media, playing games or checking email.

Gone are the days that all we had to read was the back of the room deodorizer can or the sports section of the local paper. That’s a crap load of people when you come to think of it, and also a lot of time to reach and target potential clients and customers.

A recent study regarding phone addiction shows  have shown that women and men, while equally capable of becoming addicted to smartphone use over time, do seem to become addicted to different aspects of the phone for their use. Women are more likely to spend more time using social media, texting and reading while men are more likely to get addicted while using their phones for watching videos and movies and surfing the Internet.

From a Marketing standpoint, are we morally obligated not to become enablers? Will devices soon follow the way of  cigarettes? Warning label mandatory and are we as human beings becoming the least social we’ve ever been?  Or from a  business perspective, is there more we can be doing to creatively look at opportunities to capatilise on a some pretty solid stats and a changing consumer behaviour?

Join the conversation, and tell us what you think..

By the way, I’m totally guilty of all of the above, but when my business is so digital and social reliant a social hiatus isn’t a viable or thinkable thing.