The business bucket -list

We’re all familiar with the concept of the bucket list right? You compile a list whether it’s as an individual, with your family, partner or spouse of  all the places you want to visit, things you want to experience ,milestones you want to reach or maybe it’s something like as ridiculous as eating a donut a day until you die. Whatever is on your list and however ridiculous it is to others, it’s what you want to accomplish before we literally “kick the bucket” and well, die.

I wish I could be the voice of inspiration here in saying that I have a list and that I live and practice doing all the things I want to. Yes I have things I want to do, place to go, things to eat, but I’m a realist. I realistically need more money and to win the lottery to do them all. I’ll get there but I do have inspirations and aspirations in my business life and career and I very much have a business bucket list.

Like everyone else I have my own bucket list, I’m pretty crap at actually achieving them though, I

I’m getting there slowly and there will be things that I will and can achieve. Obstacles or opportunity always come our way and it’s how we deal with, utilise or maximise these that is why we can do what we want to.

So let’s talk about the concept of a bucket list for your business. Essentially if you’ve your own business, you’ve taken the first step and congratulations. If you’re reading this and you’re on your way there and putting things in place or have a vision to do so, great. Well done. Like life in business, there should be goals, ambitions and also achievements we should be aspiring to meet right? Yes loving what you do and taking your hobby, skill or passion to the next level is great, making money is even better, but have you ever sat down and said to yourself what is it that you want to achieve in business? What can and will you do? What will essentially make you happy and are the things you must do before you sell, retire or kick the bucket?

You’ve likely a business plan, which is essentially what you should be achieving, you’ll have mapped out a path of where you see or need your business to go. How much growth is required, how much new business you should be acquiring and also which clients and new business you might like. This is all great. If you don’t’ have this, we need to talk as a clear structure and plan is essential for the longevity of any business. But what  I’m talking about is to you, what do you want out of this? What do you want to achieve and what will in 5, 10, 20 years from now have you look back fondly and say “you know what, I am happy that I did all, achieved all and gave all that I could”. Looking back at anything and wishing I shoulda, coulda or woulda is no good for anyone.

So while our industries are different, our client base or product or  service diverse, let’s look at a few things which might be business bucket list items, though I would love you to share and comment on this post for any you have and are working towards, or have already achieved.

  • If you haven’t started your business yet, but have always the dream, drive and ambition too, then the first item and step on your list might to be to commence. Taking the first step and into the unknown can always be the hardest but one of the most rewarding. Step off the cliff and dive head first into your goal to do this.
  • Attending an international business conference or seminar. It’s likely that in your industry (dependant on what it is) but that there are others who offer something similar, are likeminded or there is an existing community online where others can share information, discuss and either have a meet up, seminar or conference. If you’re an innovator and nothing like this exists, create it! It’s likely if you’re making waves and doing something no one knows little about, people will be interested to hear you speak and probably pay you! Attending information sessions in your field can be not only a great way to network and make new contacts, but also learn, expand you mind, get motivated and hey, it’s a holiday you can write off as a business expense.
  • Win an Award- It’s likely that the industry you’re in has its own awards category or local chambers of commerce, council or member based subscription’s or unions do. If you’re good at what you do, have come up with a great initiative, concept or are doing things others can learn from, then put yourself forward. If you’re nominated, great it’s marketing and promotional gold. If you win – even better congrats.
  • Take a business-related holiday. When it comes to the words “holiday” and “business” in the same sentence then these two are rarely seen together. We all know that work comes first, and often everything else becomes a back seat. Are there others in your industry or field doing great things abroad? Can you collaborate or work in another location or remotely? Look at ways you can partner the two and take some time out to yourself, even if it means escaping the confines of your office for a week- answering emails from the pool.
  • A for the “love” of it project. Being in a position do donate your time, products and services can be daunting to a business owner – particularly where these “things” are your livelihood. We all need to eat/ live/ pay bills etc. But I urge you to look at ways you can help others or give back. Look at ways you can combine something you love, and look at a way you can give back. Not only does it feel awesome but you’ll be helping others, which is a cool human being thing to do. Look for things that drive and motivate you and that you’re genuinely interested in.

So as the end of the year ends, a new year with 365 new blank days stand before us just waiting to be created and discovered. Do something this year that will help you tick some goals off in your business life, which in turn will make your personal life feel far more fulfilled.

I’d love to hear what you’ve on your business bucket list, what you’ve ticked off or want to do! Be sure to join the conversation across our social media accounts or drop me a comment here!