New Year’s Eve.. We’ve been working on a party..

So given my background in clubs and parties, there are quite a few clients I still work with in that realm and space. While over the year’s I’ve been more selective about who I work with in that space, limiting it to a  select few reality is that’s where I kind of go my break. Working way back when in the nightclub game and as a house music head and lover, you always have a soft spot for that.

A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from a good friend, mentor and business associate asking me if I had anything planned for New Year’s Eve and well should we “get the band back together” and put on a party and event? Of course having worked with the team before and still have a good relationship with them it was a no brainer, and a hell yes.

So behind the scenes for the past few weeks, we’ve been working on concept, production, packages, experience and of course – the entertainment and will be working with the team at Cruise Bar to put on one hell of a New Year’s Eve party. I’m yet to have a New Year’s on Sydney Harbour since having lived in Sydney, and well if I’m going to get on in.. it may as well be a front row seat with all my DJ entertainers, crew and friends.

So New Year’s Eve if you’re in Sydney and are looking for something to do.. You’ll find yours truly and the Creative Little Soul crew here.. Looking forward to it, as I know the production and event staging will be second to none!

Full details can be found here, with information on packages, pricing and DJ’s.. Full line up will drop shortly!!