Its that time of year again..

There’s an aural accompaniment to this blog today, so if you could so kindly press play below and let it this clip play in the background while you read! No cheating, and all will be revealed as you read on..

Christmas- the “Crazy time of year” the “Silly Season” and where people, business and well life intensifies. 5 minutes ago it was August and well now it’s November and where the bloody hell did the year go?

I imagine that doom – impending doom sounds a little something like this audio recording. On a continuous loop but playing more than the 10 hours some bored sod put together here but from pretty well now through until the end of December!

Thankfully we’re organised, and we’re already starting to discuss February and March activity and events for our customers. I would hate to have this feeling for real, as it would certainly do my head in. This dare I say it, just might be what stress sounds like out loud..

If you have said the following things then step to the front of the class room:

“Next year we’ll be more organised”

“We’ll have to do that next year”

“That’s a great idea, add that to our list”

“We’re never doing that again”

Now tell me, have you in fact learned from last years lessons? Actioned, activated or implemented or are you preparing to go into another November/ December totally under prepared and dreading it?

You can stop that really fricking annoying track now (if you’ve not already). My point is – it’s not the season, the time of year or other people that make us stress out, freak out or rush and go crazy. While they can certainly have an impact, largely its us making and repeating the same patterns and mistakes. Doing our own heads in and and not being accountable or responsible for our own actions.

We need to ditch this behaviour and perception that 2 months out of 12 needs to be chaotic and stressful. We’re creating that vibe and behaviour because everyone is out there edgy AF. Change your outlook, Don’t psych yourself out of things before they’ve even happened or create a shit story before it’s occurred.

Because I think we can  all agree-  repetitive, continuous loops are annoying, they do our heads in and are no good to anyone.

Speaking in code (kinda) but in summary – don’t freak out and do your own head in this November/ December it’s not worth it, cool or productive..