Trick or Treat

I often think I was born in the wrong hemisphere as my love for Halloween has been strong since I was a little kid. I think it stems from having a Canadian teacher over on exchange when I first started school. Miss Barchello (or Arlene as I call her now I’m an adult) was over for a year on exchange and brought with her all these great customs of her culture to our small time school in SA.

Halloween was awesome. We had a school disco where everyone got to dress up, we went trick or treating around to the few houses which were near the school. We were given the awesome Canadian/ American Halloween candies and we got to carve pumpkins! My love thereafter for it was always strong. When I learnt I was to go and work/ study exchange in Massachusetts well I was ecstatic because not only was I going to the home of Halloween but that Salem – yes THE Salem historical for it’s hysteria and witch trials was in my now home state.

I loved everything Halloween related. How huge it was in the shops, how there were decorations and candy everywhere and how into it my workplace got too. Every department of the hotel had a theme and everyone dressed up. It was truly magical and something that I’ve never yet to experience here nor probably will. AND hello Pumpkin Spice everything = awesome.

Halloween over in Australia from a marketing, retail and celebration perspective certainly has become more popular in past years since I’ve moved back that’s for sure. People either are on board or hate it. The hater’s are all about it not being our holiday, and that we’re “not in America” yet Australia is more Americanised than they care to think or admit. That’s a whole other blog for another time though.

So why has it gained popularity in years more than it was before? Good question and I think it’s a combination of a few things.

  1. The internet – We’re so  connected and influenced now and sites like Pinterest provide much more inspiration to get people partaking in their own projects and to encourage activity and creativity
  2. Given we’ve such a drinking culture here in Australia, it makes sense to have a party where everyone can get together and either dress in really bad taste or really skimpily like. People love to get dressed up, get loose and be someone else for a night.
  3. Travel – Most people have been to or have had Halloween in the states and see how awesome it is.
  4. Retailers influence – If you look in any of the big retailers and stores at the moment you’ll see that the shops have all jumped on board too. It’s quirky and fun and another way for them to make money
  5. Expats – There seems to be an increase in the number of American’s in Australia now too. Most are living and working over here, and they put on huge events and activity for those away from home. There are loads of student’s here studying abroad too with many of the universities having study for a semester programs in oz for the yanks and Canadians!

Why I’m exceptionally biased as you can probably tell, objectively though I see it as a great opportunity to create marketing and promotional activity.  Whether it’s a spot sale, some themed or quirky dishes, having lollies available for trick or tr-eater’s or having your entire staff dressed up getting into the full swing of things.

Get creative, have fun with it and make some extra money doing so.. It’s a great revenue spinner!