So we changed some stuff…


You’re not going mad, if in fact the last time you visited things looked a little bit different. I guess the Virgo in me and being that we’re now in my house, it means Spring is on the way and thinks needed a bit of a tidy and clean up. I’ve changed up/ freshened up and giving our website a good going over and a bit of a nip and tuck!

I know that at times I’m a totes hypocrite when it comes to keeping my own content fresh and in check. I get hunkered down with everyone elses work, but this was really niggling at me. This is the 3rd tweak and transformation the site has had since it’s creation, each time evolving and being re jigged for what’s relevant now and also what serves a purpose.

I’ve not changed things up too much, but I’ve still kept things in line with my colouring and branding and also, just condensed some of the content and made it even more device friendly!

I’ve updated some imagery and made everything more crisp and for where I feel where at and where we’re headed!  I made the changes and updates myself, because there’s no way I could ever entrust my website to anyone else. As someone with a very particular eye for my brand and baby, I know what I like and want and it’s difficult to convey that.. You just get that “ahh that’s the one” kind of feeling.

So perhaps it’s the hint of Spring I can feel already in the air, but my professional recommendation is to give your website a tidy up and a face lift every 18 months or so. It keeps people interested, engaged and always check your content and services to see if they’re relevant or you want to refine things!

Let me know what you think and whether you’re digging the new look or not!