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J B McCauley

Creative Little Soul are proud to be assisting local author J.B McCauley with promotional, marketing and PR support with the debut of this first book: The King of Sunday Morning

Body Buzz Group Training

We’ve assisted Body Buzz Group Training with developing and implementing a Marketing, PR and Social Media Strategy to generate new business and reach their target audience. In addition we’ve also assisted with the creation and editing of content and are in the process of building their website for them. Further we have current projects underway ...

Trojan House Records

The Trojan House Record Label guys approached me to assist them with some pre-release support and assistance. They had already great content which required just some general editing and proof reading. I also created content and designed for them: Artist & DJ Bios, Brand Bio and press kits, album label and EP Media releases.

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New Year, New Challenges

This is our first blog of 2014. If this is your first time reading welcome, if not welcome back and thanks for reading and for your support. The last part of 2013 was pretty crazy given that in my full time work in the entertainment industry and hospitality industry the end of the year is ...
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Do It!!! Find a Job!!

Getting your break or foot in the door of the creative services industry, media or entertainment industry can be tough. Most recently I was on the lookout for a new assistant. How I despise recruitment. I’ve a pretty tough criteria when it comes to hiring staff and as perfectionist, I not only want someone who ...

Lights, Camera and Say Cheeeese!!

Promo photos and shots are becoming all that more popular and necessary now. Gone are the days where the bathroom selfy cuts it for the business world and beyond. While a duck face pucker up or a photo filtered image of you looking you’re best makes a perfect facebook profile photo, unfortunately in the real ...